[TRLog] WPX CW Comments

Jim Stevens k4ma@mindspring.com
Mon, 26 May 1997 21:58:12 -0400

I used TR with packet for the first time in the
WPX CW, and I have a few comments.

1. Since I didn't have the rig interfaced to the
   computer, I didn't use the band map.  Instead
   I used Ctrl-B and Ctrl-U.  One thing that would
   be nice is the ability to delete spots out of
   the Ctrl-U window.  At times, I had the entire
   window full of SSB spots.  The brand "C" logging
   program lets you delete spots out of its Ctrl-U-like
   window by highlighting the spot and pressing the
   delete key.

2. I had the program lock up on me several times.
   I had to Ctrl-Alt-Del.  I never could figure out
   a pattern, but it seems to be related to changing
   bands and working a station in S&P mode.  When I
   would hit the enter key to log the QSO that QSO
   would disappear and the keyboard would be locked
   except for C-A-D.  It happened probably 6 times.

73, Jim Stevens, K4MA & 8P9JA

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