Larry Tyree n6tr@teleport.com
Mon, 26 May 1997 21:59:30 -0700 (PDT)

Burke, WM4I wrote the following:

> During wpx cw contest, on qso #175, when i logged the contact the qso
> number read 175f.  It did not show in the letter f until i logged it and
> it did not send it in the exchange.  Subsequent qsos also did the same
> thing.  I edited out the f after each 5 qsos.  On qso 185 I exited the
> program and rebooted and no f appeared after rebooting. Was there a
> problem?  Didnt seem to affect anything than just being a nuisance. 

Well - the same thing happened here at N6TR (under the call K5ZM) when
the operator dozed off and filled up the call window with c's (yes-
he started getting c's at the end of the QSO number).  This is the
computer ID that you can view with Control-J.

This is a BUG in the program!  The characters are overflowing into the
next variable.  For now, DON'T DO THIS!!  I will fix this is version 6.03.

73 Tree N6TR

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