[TRLog] ANTA...oh my not here too!! -Reply

Tom Schaefer TomSh@firsthealth.com
Tue, 27 May 1997 11:56:08 -0700

Since I do not work many serial number CW contests, this was the
biggest problem for me. I thought of this many times during the WPX
contest. This would be a great feature. I also could not figure out why
the JA stations were sending 0 for zero? 

BTW, I used 6.01 at a friend's station (KC7MUZ) without a single hitch.
Most of the contest we actually ran it from a DOS Window from
WIndows 95. Not ony did it run flawlessly, but I converted another user
to the wonders of computerized contesting. His check should be in the
mail soon.

Tom NY4I

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