[TRLog] Packet interrupt

Randy Powell rmp@ix.netcom.com
Wed, 28 May 1997 06:28:04 -0700

I've been off the contest circuit since January, trying to balance two jobs
and helping kids with schoolwork and living in LA, so maybe this is an easy
one to solve . . . .

I tried running TR version 5.99 on and off during WPX and noticed that I
was getting a constant line after line after line of code coming up in the
^B Packet Window.  I could not connect to the local 'Cluster.  I'm using a
serial port card with settable IRQ's and the TNC is connected to COM4 set
to IRQ 12.  After loading CT's COMTSR4 with these switches, I had no roblem
with packet:

COMTSR4 -P4 -B1200 -E71 -I12 -A290

TR could read my paddle on COM3, but could not find COM4 and the TNC.  Can
I set non-standard interrupts in LOG.DAT?   Thanks & it's fun to jump in
again after a long dry spell, 

uh W6SW

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