[TRLog] Yaesu RIT control -Reply

Tom Schaefer TomSh@firsthealth.com
Wed, 28 May 1997 13:36:24 -0700

I was using an FT1000-MP this weekend for WPX. I was thinking of
something similar but to use the dual watch VFOs as a limited two radio
mode. The main VFO could be radio number one and the second VFO
could be radio number two. Of course, this is only for receiving type
operation. But the operation could be similar - calling CQ on main while
hunting around on the sub-VFO (with sidetones disabled). Obviously,
this ability is limited to those radios that offer full dual VFO support (and
in the command set). Now, these features may already be in the
program, but I have not run across them.

Tom NY4I

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