[TRLog] TRLog Hangups

Dale Martin kg5u@hal-pc.org
Tue, 4 Nov 1997 03:14:26 -0600

I feel for those who experienced the hangups with TRLog before Tree made
the bug-fix version.  

When 6.15 arrived, I put it on this computer and it worked great.  I erased
everything and put it on the radio desk computer.  Bizarre operations (time
appearing in the exchange field and other things) and lockups all over the 
place.  I pulled the control (keying, paddle and radio) cables and still got 
lockups to beat the band.  This pentium computer was relatively new (<6 
months old) and was a replacement for my old 286 who's 40mb harddrive 
cratered--no one has 40mb or 80mb harddrives anymore!!.  It had not 
previously been used in a radio contest with TRLog.  A couple of other 
DOS programs had also locked up on me, too: ProComm and ProWrite.   

This was Wednesday evening.   

Thursday, The computer is dropped off at a local computer sales&service 
store. Their ultimate recommendation was to scrape Win95 off and restore 
Win3.1.  According to the store people, Win95 uses DOS 7.xx and 
Win3.1 uses DOS 6.xx, and my DOS software does not work well with 
DOS 7.xx. Since I had no software of importance on the radio computer, 
except TRLog, of course, I told them to go ahead and do the job. 

Saturday, around noon, having gotten no phone call from them telling me 
my computer was ready, I drove to their place.  The computer was sitting
on the pickup shelf waiting for me.  

Soon, I had the computer in place, TRLog 6.15 loaded and cables hooked
to the paddle and radios.  I booted TRLog and typed in a couple of fake 
QSO's and got locked up.  Three more times, I got lockups.  

I pull the computer and set it aside.  I disconnect and move the pentium 
computer I use for Internet and other things to the radio desk.  I get it 
hooked up and boot TRLog.  Presto! Everything works....35 fake QSO's 
in the log and no lock up.  Great!

If I hadn't remembered the couple of lock-ups I got with ProWrite and 
ProComm (I typically use Notepad and Hyperterminal on that computer), 
I would likely have blamed TRLog.  Obviously, there is a serious problem 
with the computer. 

TRLog was a joy to work for the first time in a major contest.  


Dale Martin, KG5U

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