[TRLog] Re: SS - scary start

Richard Ferch ferch@storm.ca
Mon, 03 Nov 1997 23:25:30 -0800

David O. Hachadorian (k6ll@juno.com) wrote:
>Before the contest started, I had the bright(?) idea to put the
>following statement into logcfg.dat:
>Since I have a good trmaster.dta, I figured that after
>typing the guy's number and precedence, the cursor would then
>be in a convenient position to make any changes required to
>the check and section brought up from the database. I tested it
>with some sample exchanges, and it seemed to work fine.
>Well, 2100Z rolled around, and my first qso was W5TFB, and
>the program brought up 51 STx just fine from the database.
>I then typed in his 1 Q, but when I hit the enter key to
>log the QSO, W5TFB was ERASED from the call window, and
>1Q51STx appeared in BOTH windows. The message PLEASE FIX
>EXCHANGE was displayed, and the contact could not be logged.
>Fortunately I guessed right away that the new logcfg statement
>was the problem, and it caused only a brief delay. It was
>quite a shock, though.
>It looks like the problem occurs with any single-digit serial
>number. Naturally, when I checked it out before the contest, I
>used two-digit numbers. I was using v6.15.
>Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
>Yuma, AZ

I used the same statement in my logcfg.dat successfully, simply by 
entering a space between the precedences and the checks, e.g. 
1Q 51STx instead of running it all together. Without the space, 
the syntax is a bit too close to a legal call sign (in some 
cases it could even be legal -- 9A50CT is not as far out as some 
special event calls). You can imagine the difficulty of writing code 
to decipher the exchange, especially if it also has to support the 
option (which I was also using; weren't you?).

73 de Rich, VE3IAY

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