[TRLog] 765 & a 286 CPU

William R Liporace NA2NA kb2hun@wizvax.net
Tue, 4 Nov 1997 06:16:35 -0500 (EST)

I sent this out a day or two before SS. Let me try again :-)

Hi I ahave been having some problems with a Dell 286 computer and my 765
radio interface.  The computer is just a basic IBM compatible with a small
hard drive.  It would be fine for TR & my setup, but they do not talk very
well together!!
The 2 com ports both work fine with my TNC. Both will tell the radio what
to do...Change bands, freqs, modes.  The radio will not talk to the
computer.  The radio and interface work fine with any other computer and
program.  It does not work with this computer or any software on this
Is the something that Dell did back then??  Is there a mode command,
software switch, setting to make to improve things?  I have seen people
use differant interfaces to improve things, Any ideas??
Any help would be great. 
73 Will NA2NA

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