[TRLog] Radios

Tree N6TR n6tr@teleport.com
Tue, 4 Nov 1997 06:58:00 -0800 (PST)

> >All this talk of radio interfacing is making me crosseyed.  For what it's
> >worth, I have operated W6EEN in many contests over the years since Tree
> >instituted radio control.  W6EEN has two TS-950s and they both have the
> >factory Kenwood interface boxes.  The station is set up for two radio 
> >operation.
> >
> >This staion works 100% as advertised with TRlog in every way.
> >
> >I think all the interfacing problems are caused by people using the 
> >wrong rigs.
> >
> Well EXCUSE ME, but I paid BIG BUCKS for the 870 and it works VERY
> WELL as a radio and with its own program and with LOGEQF. It may be
> the rig but that is what I have and you think maybe I should change
> rigs to get a program to work. GIMME a break!

1. It probably isn't a good idea to tell people they bought the wrong
radio - because it makes them mad.

2. Concerning this 870 issue...  the com port uses asserts the RTS/CTS
type signals if it isn't being used for anything else.  This is why I
am pretty sure they aren't out of the picture.  Perhaps they are shorted
to another signal or something strange...  I don't have a copy of what
the DB-9 connector looks like on the back of the 950, so I can't help
out on that end.

There is NO reason that flow control is required for this interface.
TR Log will take characters as fast as 4800 baud can send them by
checking the serial port every 1.68 milliseconds.  The Kenwood radios
have internal buffers and have no problem receiving data in the same

If someone would like to loan me their 870, I will work on the issue.
Otherwise, I need someone out there who has one to try it for me.

73 Tree N6TR

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