[TRLog] TR in SS

Louis Petkus ljp@mcs.com
Tue, 04 Nov 1997 09:52:52 -0600

At 12:47 PM 11/3/97, Pete Smith wrote:
>Let me second (or third, or ...) the comments about how well TRLog worked
>in SSCW. 1061 QSOs without a single hiccup!
>A couple of minor design change suggestions:
>In Auto CQ, would it be possible to move the "listen interval" control from
>PageUp/PageDn to another pair of keys (Maybe the up and down arrows would
>work) and enable speed control on the PageUp/Dn keys during AutoCQ.

I second this idea....we had kicked around the same idea at the K9MMS

>In the same vein, would it be possible to have a key combination to resume
>the AutoCQ with your current settings?  Would save keystrokes .... and, of
>course, this is mainly for SS (and quick potty breaks).

Agreed......and also auto CQ should be a toggle feature so whenever CQ is
sent it will always auto CQ. ie: F1,F2, and CQ started from the Enter Key.
The auto CQ settings should not be lost when you exit the program. 


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