[TRLog] Re: TS-870

Mike no6x@inreach.com
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 05:40:19 +0000

Well Tree, bad news and good news. 
The bad news is that I cannot make my radio talk to the computer at all
when doing it the way that you discussed. i.e. using the packet feature as
dumb terminal. all I get is the triangle when I turn the rig on. 
 The good news is that I seem to have no problem, that i have noticed in
using my 870 with the program. it has always worked just fine for me. I do
notice that when in search and pounce it takes the radio a while to catch
up to letting off of the shift key, I guess this is the hysteresis that is
being discussed. but I find it faster to just reach up and turn the dial
anyway, and have not figured that to be a down fall. 
 I will tell you one thing that I do know that is different from the way
Gil is using his to the way that I am using Mine. He is using the same
serial port to talk with the radio and also for CW I have not done this. I
use just a plain DB9 to DB9 cable like what anyone can buy at the local
radio shack to talk to the radio. then I use the parallel port for keying
the rig, as it has a straight key and a keyer input.
 Please note that the problem with talking to the radio could be my own
problem, as I am using a mickey moused way of hooking it up, and the cable
maybe is not correct. all of the cables and the computer that i use for
contesting is at the "contest station".
 I will try it all again this weekend before the contest out there and tell
you what i come up with. Or I will see about getting another cable tomorrow
for here at the house which is correct.
 I feel bad that i can offer no more help at the present time, but I will
let you know in a day or two what i find.


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