[TRLog] TS870 fix

Tree N6TR n6tr@teleport.com
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 06:03:42 -0800 (PST)

Per W0MN:

> The post by Mike NO6X has solved the problem. The usage of a regular
> DB9 cable with all wires connected allows the program to work
> perfectly. The response is very quick, sub second response to change
> of band and or frequency. =20

Great - I was hoping something like this would work out by posting
Gil's message.  I must publically apoligize to Gil for doing this,
but I am glad it has led to a "solution".

> There is still a hysteresis but not nearly as large as before. I think
> his idea of a setting to control step speed will fix that.

Agreed - I will put a knob in the next release to allow tuning the 
QSY rate to the rate.  It is too bad Kenwood appears to have taken
a step backward in this area.  The 850s keep up just fine.

> It does mean that his documentation is wrong in the case of the
> Kenwood radio. It is absolutely required that you use the CTS and RTS
> lines as specified by RSA232 with this radio it seems. If I jumper
> those as directed then this problem occurs. If I use the plain DB9
> cable everything works perfectly. Despite what it may have seemed I am
> VERY HAPPY with everything else in this program and although I would
> much rather use only one cable it seems that I cannot and that without
> major program changes in cannot be done with my radio. I do NOT expect
> Tree to make those changes for such a small subset. If he some day
> would like to I would be happy to test them but I will construct the
> parallel cable for keying and be happy. In every other way the program
> has satisfied me.

We can add a note in the manual for the 870.  It seems very strange that
you can't just hook RTS to CTS on the radio side (like you can for all
of their other radios) and make it work.  Maybe there is a menu item 
somewhere in the radio that affects this?

73 Tree

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