[TRLog] League accepted edited log...but??

Marion J. Henson marionh@jps.net
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 08:09:38 -0800

Might add that the ARRL official forms are available for downloading from
their WEB site and their SUMMARY SHEET does provide spaces for insertion of

At 03:12 PM 11/17/97 -0000, Len Revelle wrote:
>My original post assumed that the info was supposed to be in the finished
>ARRL log. I should have interpreted the ARRL response better but took it to
>mean they didn't like the log output and I assumed it should have been
>different (I'm a CT/NA convert and hadn't seen TR output before). For the
>waste of band width spent on the subject, I apologize.
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>From: Al Gritzmacher <ae2t@bigfoot.com>
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>Date: Monday, November 17, 1997 6:58 AM
>Subject: Re: [TRLog] League accepted edited log...but??
>>At 04:34 AM 11/15/97 -0000, you wrote:
>>>Tree, if the log.dat file does not contain my fixed exchange info (A N9IJ
>>>IL) where does POST grab this info for insertion into the arrl log format?
>>>I'd suspect I've not got this set and is causing the omission.
>>POST never has put this information in the "ARRL Format" log. My
>>understanding of it is that he has attempted to keep it under 80 characters
>>in width and has left out this redundant information to do so.
>>Put your default exchange in your summary; the ARRL has always accepted it
>>this way. (Despite what their rules seem to say!)
>>I suspect that most problems with rejected logs are usually either
>>editing/saving in a non-ascii format and encoding problems with
>>not the file data itself.
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