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Fri, 10 Oct 1997 22:01:34 -0600

Hi Ken!

At 12:08 AM 10/10/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Can I import
>a log.dat into Lotus 123 and "move" the desired numbers into the
>appropriate column, then run the result thru POST?  

Yes, but you must be careful to maintain the EXACT format of required of a finished TRLog ASCII log file.  This means you must arrange the column widths, justification in Lotus such that when you save the file as an ASCII text file, everything is positioned at the correct column, all alpha-numeric or spaces and no TAB characters.  Here is an example from our N6O log:


 Band    Date    Time  QSO#  Call worked   Rcvd   Qth               Mults   Pts
 ----    ----    ----  ----  -----------   ----  -----              -----   ---
 15SSB 04-OCT-97 16:02    1  W9FX             1  Il                 Il       2

Notice that that column 1 is always a space, columns 8-16 contain the date in ISO format, columns 18-22 contain the time in 24 hour format with a colon, columns 24-27 contain the QSO# RIGHT justified, columns 30-40 contain the callsign LEFT justified, etc.

It takes a bunch of fiddling, but I was able to do all this once with Excel, and I'll bet that it is possible to do it with Lotus too.  To avoid confusion, set Lotus to use a constant pitch font like Courier, not a proportional pitch font like Times Roman.

When you Import the file, take care to set up the Parsing to match the widths of each element field to these column numbers.  

While manipulating the numbers, avoid changing column widths accidently.  This can happen do a regular Windows cut and paste:  use Paste Special instead and set it to Paste only the values, not the formats.

When you Export the finished file to ASCII, make certain you have all the RIGHT and LEFT justifications set correctly too.

Good Luck and 73!

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