[TRLog] Enhancements

Scott A. Stembaugh scott@purdue.edu
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 13:43:32 EST

On 13 Oct 97 at 12:57, w2xx@cloud9.net wrote:

> Unlike RTTY, a *major* part of a CW contest is actually copying what is
> sent, isn't it?
> 73, J.P.

True, but you only have to copy the exchange once, after that you 
just copy the call, and Partial Call checking even lets you 'figure'
that out.  The software fills in the rest.  

Don't get me wrong,  I wouldn't care for this option.  But I operate 
contests with low power and wire antennas.  I enjoy the chase more 
than the score.

very 73,
-scott N9LJX

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