[TRLog] updating help

Jason Goldsberry n5nu@inu.net
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 01:39:24 -0500

  I need help trying to update to 6.12. I have received it through e-mail
and can't seem to be able to get it to do anything.
  The manual says "use the TR program to decode the file". I take this to
mean that I run the TR program...I have and I didn't see anyplace to type
TR UUDECODE filename. Out of desperation, I run the TR INSTALL program
hoping that it might install the newer 6.12 version. The results are such
that I can't run the original TR version.
  I have spent 3 hours trying to get this problem worked out. Any help
would be appreciated.

Jason N5NU  age 14

P.S. Please don't suggest that I ask my computer teacher. I go to a very
small rural school and there isn't anyone to ask.
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