[TRLog] Radio interface is not working correctly

Gilbert Baron gbaron@sparc.isl.net
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 12:26:30 GMT

When I load the program it keeps the last radio information. For
instance if I have the radio on 20CW and I last worked 40 cw it still
says 40 cw. It does not update the band and frequency until I send a
cq or do some other action and not always then. I tried a dummy qso
and it actually logged the qso as 40 cw when it was made on 20cw. 
In addition if I change the band after it is correct the indication
does not change until I do some transmitting.
Has anyone else seen this behavior and if so how did you correct it?
Obviously this is not acceptable and the log could get really messed
I am using a Kenwood TS870S and all connections are wired through on
the cable including pin 7 except pion 4 which is the CW keying. 
Obviously it seems to me that you can't wire that one through and
still use it for CW keying.

Computer               Radio
4------------------------------------------To interface

I also tried as above except 

7                      7---|
8                      8---| 

With the same result
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