[TRLog] Tail end key, How do YOU think it should work?

george fremin iii geoiii@bga.com
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 16:09:23 -0600 (CST)

Gilbert Baron writes:
>In an earlier post I complained about the tail end key operation. I see
>that the manual is ambiguous.

>From Section 5:
   To respond to a tail-ender, use the TAIL END KEY.  When you are finished
   with your present QSO, hit the TAIL END KEY, the TAIL END MESSAGE
   (normally an "R") will be sent and then you can start entering the call
   of the tailender.  As you enter the call, it will be sent on the air.
   Pressing RETURN will complete the call and send the exchange.  The
   previous QSO will now be logged and the new one set up.  The default for
   the TAIL END KEY is ].

>From the appendix:

   The TAIL END KEY when pressed will log the contact, send the TAIL END
   MESSAGE and send call characters as you enter them.  This would normally
   be used if someone tailends and you want to come back to him without
   sending a QSL message.  

So - Yes you are correct the appendix has the sequence of
what happens a bit out of order - we will fix that in the 
next manual. 

Here is how the tail end key works and why.

A "tail end" is when a station drops their callsign in 
between the end of the transmission of the guy you are working
and your QRZ transmission.  Tailending is a skill that 
very few people do well - it is an art. 



6D2X: WO4O 5NN 6

WO4O: 5NN 4 

TE: N5TJ (making sure not to cover up the 5nn 4 but before 6d2x
          sends QRZ.)

6D2X: R N5TJ 5NN 6

The R tells WO4O that 6D2X got the info and then not to 
waste time 6d2x just calls n5tj before the pileup starts. 

The tail end key does this jsut right.

When you hit the tail end key it send the R (or your tail end msg) and 
then the keyboard becomes active and any key that you press 
is sent over the air so there is no pause as you type 
in (and send) N5TJ's callsign.  When you hit the enter key you 
are telling the program to send the exchange, log the previous
QSO, put N5TJ's call in the call window and put the cusor in
the exchange window.  

Tail ending happens VERY quickly and there is no time to log
the previous QSO before or while the computer needs to 
be sending CW.  

The tail end key works just as it should.  It is also one of 
the many unique features of the TR-Logging program. 


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