[TRLog] 6.10/6.07 observations at VR97BG

VR97BrettGraham vr2bg@harts.org.hk
Mon, 01 Sep 1997 08:37:20 +0000

Two observations so far:

- At one point over the weekend, during which I repeatedly quit & restarted
TR, it would lock up if I tried to log another contact (type in a call, hit
enter & the cursor would move up to the partial call window & the only way
out was power cycling).  I then restarted TR, quit but told it the contest
was over, started TR again & I could then log the contact.  This was in
General QSO mode, ~1000 QSOs, without changing anything other than using
the new release.  I am using a ~7 MB TRMASTER.DTA file, which does slow
this old Compaq 386 down something awful, but never have I had TR lock up
like this.  Anybody see anything along these lines?

- Having quit & restarted TR a few times over the weekend, I was looking
forward to seeing BANDMAP.BIN do it's thing, but it didn't.  Despite
bandmap data being written to the file, the bandmap would not reappear
after restarting.  Again, this was in General QSO mode.  I tried a few
times with other contest types, loading the bandmap with bogus calls, but
all behaved the same.  Am I alone here?  I would've imagined if somebody
else observed the same thing, it would've been posted here by now.

73, VR97BrettGraham

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