[TRLog] TR2DXB45.EXE needed

george fremin iii geoiii@bga.com
Wed, 3 Sep 1997 15:45:33 -0500 (CDT)

Kirk Pickering writes:
>I need a copy of the utility TR2DXB45 which converts TR-Log LOG.DAT files
>to an ASCII file suitable for input to DXBase.  I lost my copy in a hard 
>disk failure some months ago, and have no backup copy.  If anyone out there 
>has it, could you email it to me in UUencoded format?  

I think that you can also use LOGCONV by KA5WSS.  You can
get it at his web page:


This program is very useful - it is shareware but please 
support it as Robert works hard on making it better. 

LOGCONV will do the following:
LogConv is a log conversion program that supports a wide variety of file
formats. The release package includes a DOS,
Windows and a Windows command line program. LogConv can create dBase
files which allows for unlimited data analysis.

LogConv can read the following files formats: 

     ADIF format 
     ARRL format 
     CT v7, v8, v9 
     DX Cluster .dat 
     DX Info .dat 
     NA v7, v9 
     TR Log 
     WRTC .log 

LogConv can create log files in the following format: 

     ADIF format 
     ARRL format 
     CT v8 
     DXBase .sdf 
     TR Log 

Also while you are on his page check out the LOGCOMP program --
it will let you compare two logs - it is way cool.


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