Tamminen Jukka jukkatam@koskisen.fi
Sun, 07 Sep 97 11:43:00 E

Good afternoon from Finland

SBDVP software seems to be a great help in order to replace my old cq   
machine ( upgraded telephone answering slave !)

If have some difficulties in order to get it running and perhaps someone   
can show towards solution.

The set up it P166 with SB 32 AWE PnP.

The blaster enviroment I have set to to A220 I5 D1 T6

I have run the Blasters diagnost program and the above seems to be OK.

I also have set the low level drivers for SB  to config.sys as I run this   
in DOS 6.20 (having also Win95 on top of it).

I have also loaded dvptsr.exe.

When I run SBDVP program it shows the given enviroment of blaster and   
shows that sb reset has been successful.

When I run tr and set dvp on (the message comes on the screen e.g. DVP   
ON). When I try record and a red block with rotating line appears to the   
bottom of the screen. The porgram also creates files like CQF1.DVP, but   
they all are only 8 bytes of size ! And there is no sound in trying of   

What I could be doing wrong ?

Help would be appreciated.

With best regards

Jukka, OH3OJ

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