[TRLog] bug(?) in sprint

John Unger junger@usgs.gov
Mon, 08 Sep 1997 11:56:19 -0400

I started out using TRLog with AUTO S&P ENABLE = TRUE so that the program
would automatically change from CQ to S&P mode when I moved off a frequency. 

When I was testing this feature before the contest I noticed that if I
tuned the radio slowly, I could move many Kc's off the original frequency
without TRLog going into S&P mode. But when I turned the dial rapidly, it
worked as advertised.

A more serious problem developed during the contest. After about the first
five QSO's TRLog locked up in the CQ mode and I had to power the computer
off and on (I could not do a soft reboot). This problem occurred again
after about five more QSO's. Since this feature was the only "new" thing
that I had in my logcfg.dat file, I suspected that it might be the culprit.
When I disabled it, I had no more problems with the program - except for
getting caught in the cq mode when I was answering someone...

Did anyone else try this feature and experience the same problems? I use an
Omni VI interfaced as an Icom 735.

tnx es 73 - John, W4AU

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