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george fremin iii geoiii@bga.com
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 15:29:06 -0500 (CDT)

Robert Naumann writes:
>Anyway, back to the simulator idea.  I try to run it and all looks good and
>I call CQ and then my hard drive goes nuts forever and the PC is hung -
>time for a 3 finger salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del).  I do this several times
>figuring that I answered the questions wrong to create the logcfg.dat file.
> Nope.  Still spins the hard drive constantly and doesn't stop.  

My guess is that your TRMASTER.DTA file has either very
few names or no names and the simulator is looking for a 
call with a name.  If this is the case then import the names
from your sprint log or add the names.asc file thst is in 
the name directory on the disk that is shipped out with TR-Log.

>few months back, I haven't operated on 20cw using computer keying since
>whenever I hit a function key, it keys up constantly.  Oh boy - another
>rough start to the Sprint.   So I end up running low power on 20m and

This sounds like you are getting RF into your computer -- try adding
some FE beads or split cores to the keying line right next to 
the keying interface.  You can also disable the PTT signal in
TR-Log and this will also help with RFI problems.  Do this 
in the CTL-J menu. 

>Questions:  How do I get the simulator to work, and how do I get set up for
>the automatic updates to the latest version of TR via Internet ?

To get updates to TR-Log -- check section 8 of the manual - it 
gives you all the details on all the update options. 
If you do not have section 8 then you need a new manual.  
You can download a new manual from www.QTH.com/tr or buy a
printed one from me.  

To get on the email update list - juset send a message to 
N6TR at n6tr@contesting.com and ask him to add you. 
Make sure you are a paid up subscriber to TR-Log or better yet
a lifetime subscriber. 


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