[TRLog] Typical lid CT user

Fatchett, Mike Fatchett.Mike@tci.com
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 14:37:01 -0600

> >few months back, I haven't operated on 20cw using computer keying
> since
> >whenever I hit a function key, it keys up constantly.  Oh boy -
> another
> >rough start to the Sprint.   So I end up running low power on 20m and
> have
> This sounds like you are getting RF into your computer -- try adding
> some FE beads or split cores to the keying line right next to 
> the keying interface.  You can also disable the PTT signal in
> TR-Log and this will also help with RFI problems.  Do this 
> in the CTL-J menu. 
	I ran into a similar problem when I used an antenna about 50
feet above the shack.  This particular keying box was built with twisted
pair cable.  I have another box that uses a shielded cable and the RFI
problems go away.  For some reason the shielded box would not key the
ptt line so I had to use the old box.  Good thing I did not need the
other antenna!


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