[TRLog] Typical lid CT user

R. Torsten Clay torsten@mephisto.physics.uiuc.edu
Thu, 11 Sep 97 9:34:39 CDT

> Couldn't TR simply send the PTT pre-start and delay commands to the OMNI
> CPU (via the OMNI VI [ICOM] command set) and have the OMNI do the PTT
> timing and keying work internally as it is designed to do, without RFI
> problems? That sounds like a more elegant solution, and requires no
> additional hardware or lines which can bring RFI to the computer and foul
> up TR. What say, Tree?  
> 73, Larry N6NC

I'm also an Omni6 user...no, the Omni6 rs232 interface has no 
provision to set the PTT delay, and I don't think it can switch the 
radio into transmit.

It is worth the effort to hook up the extra PTT line to an Omni 6 
from TR. This will allow you to do some things you couldn't
before: between cw words it allows you to select filters or turn 
the RIT on/off, which normally you can't do during xmit with the Omni 6.


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