[TRLog] Wish list suggestions

Kevin Schmidt w9cf@ptolemy.la.asu.edu
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 03:16:11 GMT

Here are some thoughts for the wish list. Since I have a type B minus
personality and I am not competitive in contests, real contesters should
probably comment on whether these are good ideas. Also if you can already
do something like this and I missed it in the manual then -- nevermind.

I touch type for the alphanumeric keys, but I have to look when hitting
the awful keys that are far away or in different places on different
keyboards particularly laptops (like cursor keys, alt, insert, pageup
etc.) and I find using them slows me down and is almost as clumsy to
use as reaching for the mouse. That's probably why I like vi for text
editing, and TR for logging where the space bar and enter keys do most
of the work.

Here are two suggestions for making corrections easier for me:

1. For some contests like SS, TR is able to parse the exchange
line including possible callsign changes, so it is really easy to
make corrections without hitting those awful keys by just retyping
the field that needs correcting. For other contests where TR
cannot figure out whether TEX is a name or qth, I now have to resort
to the awful keys. One solution for me would be the inclusion of
a vi editor mode for editing fields;  I doubt if Tree will
include that. However, another possibility could be something like
typing q=tex or n=tex to indicate what the correction is for.
That is if the exchange is name qth, you could type
tom ok n=tex  --- which would change the name from tom to tex
tom ok q=tex  --- which would change the qth from ok to tex
q=ok n=tex --- which would let you enter the fields out of order.

2. Sometimes I log a contact and see immediately that I have typed
the wrong info. I find editing the 5 line log clumsy. Solutions are:
a. I could learn how to use the current editing commands better (unlikely to
b. Tree could change to vi editing commands (even less likely to happen)
c. Have a keystroke that would overwrite the last log entry keeping the
correct time and not send cw/dvp.  That is if I have logged something
incorrectly for the last qso, I hit the relog key and then type in the
call and exchange just as if I were making the QSO again. I realize
that I can delete the last QSO, turn off cw, relog it, and turn on cw,
now, but that's as hard as editing the log and if I do that, when I
delete the entry, the information dissappears from the log window, so I
can't read the good stuff off the log line, and the new time shown is
slightly wrong.

73 Kevin w9cf
Kevin Schmidt w9cf@ptolemy.la.asu.edu
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-1504
(602) 965-8240
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