[TRLog] TR 6.xx and 286 Computer

Daniel R. Violette drviolette@anet.bna.boeing.com
Wed, 17 Sep 97 08:53:13 PST

     Anyone using TR 6+ and a 286 computer?  Our club contesting computers 
     are 286s and when I started playing with TR this last couple weeks on 
     one I see the computer locks up in many ways.  I had never tried TR on 
     a 286 yet, I had used CT only on these machine (v.8).  Normal 
     operation is fine, but if you go to CTL-J, ALT-P, or ALT-E it locks 
     up.  Probably locks into other jumps, but these are the ones I have 
     Don't need comments about upgrading, I am pursuing that too.  We have 
     multiple machines for multi contesting (that we have not done in a few 
     73, Dan KI6X
     danki6x@pacbell.net  -or- reply to this message

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