[TRLog] Windows Question

David Yanke n9ssg@pobox.com
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 15:50:47 +0000

  Forgive me if this is too basic,  but....You may not have shut off 
the Plug in play on the two ports in question.

Go to Control Panel>System>Device Manager and double click the COM 
port you want to adjust. You will have to do both. Then select the 
Resources Tab and uncheck the box marked Use Automatic Settings. 
Double click the Interupt Request to bring up the box that will let 
you adjust the IRQ setting. The box below the setting will tell you 
if there is a conflict as you change them. 

Whether or not it says there is one, do not set it to what it 
currently is since there is obviously some sort of problem. You may 
have to play around a little, rebooting each time, but this should do 
it. I had similar problems.

On 17 Sep 97 at about 10:22, George Cutsogeorge wrote:

> Using v5.61 here and it works fine on my 486 with W3.11 on it.  Now
> it's installed on my P166 with W95 and the Com port doesn't want to
> control the radio.  I notice that both Com 1, the Mouse and Com 3,
> the external port use IRQ 4 and Windows won't let me change Com 3.  
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