[TRLog] Com port problems

jfeustle jfeustle@uoft02.utoledo.edu
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 08:16:44 -0400

I recently moved my TR logging program from my 80386 to a new computer, an
AMD 90 mHz. K5-based machine. The good news is that everything runs faster;
the evil news is that TR (and Log-EQF) will no longer communicate with my
transceiver (COM 1) or my TNC (COM 2). Oddly enough, an older program
PPakratt works just fine with the TNC through (COM 2).

I've run MSD and all the IRQs, baud, bit, and parity settings are correct
for each port. I've also run Norton's NDIAGS with the loopback plugs
connected to each port. Both pass the test. Finally, I've used the DOS MODE
command to manually configure the ports. All to no avail. 

Everything ran just fine on the old computer, so I guess the moral of the
story is that I should have not bought that new motherboard and stuff.

Any ideas, suggestions, short of going back to solving today's problems
with last year's(?) technology?

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