[TRLog] TRLOG joystick support

Thomas M. Schaefer toms@inconnect.com
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 22:38:07 -0700

For Immediate Release
April 1, 1998

Announcing the latest change to the TR logging program: The Joystick
Interface. Not just any joystick, but the new Microsoft SideWinder Pro Force
Feedback Joystick.

Signal Sensitive Feedback - Now when that other station calls you with 5000
watts output and nearly breaks your S meter, you will feel it on your
joystick. The joystick will actually shake to the beat of the other stations

Trigger activated CW - Imagine being able to send CW into the 3W6WE pileup
with the precision of an F-16 fighter pilot. TR now lets you send CW with
the FIRE button on most joysticks.

Adjustable Goal Rate - You can now set your goal rate with the throttle
switch. Set the rate to the 200 level and the computer will push you to keep
that rate by shaking the joystick.  Keep the rate up and things go just
fine, let your rate drop, and the joystick will thrash you around the room
like a beenie baby.

Full Two Radio Control - For those two-radio fighter jocks, the program
allows you to move the joystick to the right for one radio, and the left for
the other. All buttons on the joystick like CW, dupe check, etc, will work
with either radio depending on the orientation of the joystick.

Packet Multiplier support - Ever fail to notice a new multiplier on the
bandmap, not any more. With the new TR feedback system, your joystick will
move around in large circles and shake violently whenever that new mult is

CW Speed Interface - Run across some friends of yours from the 50 WPM crowd?
Don't bother with the Page Up CW speed keys, just push the joystick towards
the front and your CW speed will magically increase. Pull it back and it
will slow down.

Packet spotting feature - With this exciting new feature, you can spot a new
contact to the packet cluster by simply pushing the hat trigger on the
joystick. Yet another example of the operator/computer integration you have
come to expect from TRLog.

Footswitch support - With the new joystick interface, you can use the bomb
button on the joystick to duplicate the actions of a footswitch. No more
searching for the footswitch under the desk.

These are just some of the exciting features you will find in the new TR
joystick interface system. For those purists out there, the official product
name is
"Trlog Ham Input System   with   Integrated Support   for   Analog
Joystick Or Keyboard Entry".

See you in the next contest, "Maverick"

* Computer Interface with computer-readable S meter required like on the
** TRLog is not responsible for any unintentional use of this feature.

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