Re: [TRLog] Re: ÄTRLogÅ Marketing (more ...)

Chris Robson
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 06:39:42 -0400

>Actually, Jan-Eric is correct - there will need to be something 
>for everyone...  Maybe Field Day, the JIDX, VK/ZL, Region One Field
>Day and TOEC?  Maybe the Russian contest (as soon as I add it).
>This gets more complicated.

Maybe go out on the limb and put ver. 6.00 on instead of 4.05. I know I
stay with TR because of the excellent support and continuous improvement. I
believe 6.00 is close to what we use now without giving up the farm. I know
4.05 sold me to buy, but 4.05 is becoming too outdated. Also just give a
turorial instead of the whole manual with the shareware version, if someone
wishes to upgrade they will get the complete manual(this might mean taking
off the latest manual of your Web site though). Just my two cents...

73, Chris KB3A

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