[TRLog] More 6.24 from VR98BG

VR98BrettGraham vr2bg@harts.org.hk
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 23:31:22 +0000

A coupla more things seen here:

 - The program will often not send a name, despite being in TRMASTER.DTA -
happening from time to time with no apparent reason (no busted data in the
TRMASTER.ASC file).  It even didn't call N6TR by name when we worked the
other morning!  This has been seen occasionally pre-6.24 & I've rebuilt my
TRMASTER.DTA since then.

 - POST L G also strips notes when "merging" files.

 - When operating whilst deprived of sleep, I find it's handy for the program
to blank the band totals at the top of the screen when you've strayed outside
the band S&Ping.  This happens exactly on the band edge for WARC bands, but
10 kc below the edge for non-WARC bands.

 - Shift keys tune radio while editing packet spots.

73, VR98BrettGraham

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