[TRLog] When Is The SPAM Going To Stop?

dick@pobox.com dick@pobox.com
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 13:03:17 -0500

22 APR - 1300 CDT

Hello Tree...

I vote for number 2...  For those that need to post from more than one
email address, they can be subscribed more than once.  Yes, they will get
more than one copy of posted messages.  But this is better than the growing
amount of SPAM we are all now receiving.  Some may consider this to be a 
minor nuisance - but it will only get worse.

- Dick Isely, W9GIG

>Well - we have two choices:
>1. We get some occasional spam.
>2. You can only post messages from the address you are subscribed from.
>I am open to either one.

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