[TRLog] Spam

William G.Till - VE5FN wtill@bordercity.com
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 13:59:33 -0600

Hi fellow TRLog subscribers:

Might I suggest that instead of righteously bitching about spam and 
pressuring Tree into spending more time monitoring the list,  we simply
delete the items we don't like and let Tree use his valuable time
working on the program we all love. I'm sure he has some home life that
he would like to enjoy also. 

Let's use "delete", leave the list open and let Tree get on with more 
enjoyable and productive things.

A pertinent note to the spam originators might also be in order.


Bill, VE5FN

At 09:37 22/04/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Okay - it looks like the consensus is to close the list.
>If someone does post from a different address than the one they
>are subscribed to, it will bounce to me for approval.  This takes
>up my limited bandwidth, but I will try to approve them.
>If there are too many of these, I will just start ignoring them.
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FAQ on WWW:               http://www.contesting.com/trlogfaq.html
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