[TRLog] SPAM on TRLog Reflector

dick@pobox.com dick@pobox.com
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 22:45:36 -0500

22 APR - 2235 CDT

Some of the subscribers don't realize that most of the email addresses listed 
in SPAM messages are "spoofed addresses" - fakes in everyday english.  This
is done to prevent the victim from complaining to the sender and the
originating ISP.  If you run a trace, you will eventually hit a dead end
invalid address.

The only choices left are to delete as one person suggests (a never-ending
process and waste of your local ISP's memory space), configure the reflector 
software so that messages originating from unsubscribed addresses are
refused, or someone volunteers to screen them.  I don't think Tree should 
be spending his time filtering out the incoming unauthorized commercial 
garbage.  Rather this list should be closed to unauthorized submissions.

Those subscribers that want to use more than one email address can be set
up to do so - as it is done on other reflectors.  It works.  I am subscribed
to several reflectors where this is done and there is no SPAM and nobody
has to stand guard at the door.

Dick Isely, W9GIG

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