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Mon, 27 Apr 1998 06:08:08 -0700 (PDT)

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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 03:53:51 +0100
From: Sean Warner K0XQ <>
Subject: TNC problems
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Being relatively new to contesting programs (as well as far from being a
DOS wizard) , I have had some problems getting TR Log 6.22 & my TNC (which
is a KAM+, firmware v 8.2) to 'play nice' together. I am hoping someone on
the reflector may have a solution and/or some advice & tell me what I'm
doing wrong.

I am unable to get anything intelligible from the TNC when in the TR Log
Packet window. When I first started with this, I could not communicate at
all with the TNC; when I turned on the KAM +, I got a string of characters
that looked like cartoons, & I could not type anything that the KAM would
acknowledge. I found that the KAM default was set to 9600 baud, so I made
my changes in the LOGCFG.DAT file accordingly. This time I was actually
able to talk to the TNC & connect to the packet cluster; I recieved back
alphanumeric characters, but they were either partial words, jumbled,
squished together, or otherwise unintelligible-the TNC understands what I
am trying to tell it, but TR is seemingly able to decipher what is coming
back from the TNC.

Here's what I have tried, in addition to the aforementioned:
1. Baud rate changes for both the TNC & TR log--nothing works. I tried at
1200, 2400 & 4800, same  results.
2. EIGHT BIT PACKET PORT = TRUE This does not seem to change anything.

I have no such problems with NA 10.26, TNC & program are fine at 9600 baud
& below.

I use this TNC primarily for Log Windows (Timewave Technologies) &
ocasionally with DX4WIN 1.12, have never had a problem. I pulled down the
TNC settings from Log Windows 3.05 , & saw it was set at 8 bits, 1 stop
bit, & no parity. It is my understanding that the defaults for TR are 2400
baud, 7 bits, 1 stop bit, & even parity; the EIGHT BIT  command sets the
bit & parity commands right, but uses 2 stop bits. Is this my problem, & is
there a way to fix this without screwing everything up for Log

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated--from what little I've done with
TR Log, it seems like a neat program ( I knew I made the right choice when
I saw it supported CQ-M right 'out of the box' :-)), & I would like to use
it as the contesting program of choice.

TNX in advance & 73 de K0XQ


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