[TRLog] TR and Helvetia Contest: Problems

Cedric Baechler cedric.baechler@ugfu.admin.ch
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 10:30:45 +0000

Hello Tree and all,
I'm doing the summary sheet for HB9FG and I've the following problems 
when checking the multipliers:

1. Multipliers check
                        MULTIPLIER CHECK PROCEDURE

This procedure will look through your log and check all of your 
If it finds a duplicate or missing multiplier, it will show you the 

 10CW  25-Apr-98 13:00    1  HB9MM  599  599    1  Vd      Vd HB    1
This station is not in Vd!  Okay to remove mult? (Y/N) :

Vd is a domestic multiplier (canton).

2. Command TR READ
I've tried to re-read the log.dat with TR READ but it stops as soon 
the first DX station is logged:

 10CW  25-APR-98 13:00    1  HB9MM          599  599    1  Vd       
Vd HB    1
 10CW  25-APR-98 13:01    2  HB9AOF         599  559    1  Ge       
Ge       1

 10CW  30-Apr-98 10:21    3  PU2KER                     Brazil

  Rig 1      35 WPM     599    1  PY                This hr = 0     
Rate = 0
   Enter exchange.  Press ENTER to log, ESCAPE to abort QSO.

In the exchange field the PY multi should'nt appear. Only the 
swiss cantons are allowed as domestic multipliers.

73, Cedric HB9HFN

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