[TRLog] TRLog/NAQP Aug 98

Marty Watt mwattcpa@earthlink.net
Sun, 02 Aug 1998 05:20:01 GMT

This NAQP effort is not much better than the last one.  TRLog and I will have
to have a chat about memory usage.  Started off fine, although RF was a
problem, particularly on 20 and 15.  Started sending things I have no idea
what.  A quick raid on the local RS and I cleaned them out of RF chokes (all
varieties) and started slapping them on cables.  The problem appeared mostly
to be a keyboard issue, so it got two plus some cable snugs.  Finally!  A
functional station, and only 3 hours into the contest.  Oops.  Time for
church.  Back 3 hours later, and memory becomes an issue.

No longer will TRLog look at the TRMASTER database for partials, or initial
exchange.  RATS!  OK, run in DOS mode (like the manual says -- duh!).  No
changes.  I've got 64 meg of memory that the program is (probably) only seeing
402k.  This will have to be worked on at some point.  Surely someone has made
the program work in a DOS window in Win95/98.  Or can tell me how to enable
memory that TRLog can use if I run in MS-DOS mode.

OH, I had to convert to Win98.  No choice.  Believe it or not, it was a
hardware issue when the controller died on an older model motherboard.
Couldn't reinstall win95 because I had upgraded internet explorer to 4.01.
Couldn't reinstall Win95 ver B -- no provision for upgrade, only a fresh
install.  In order to preserve my 4 gig of hard drive files, I had to install

I'll probably end up getting a little box just for the radio stuff.  Perhaps a
laptop ...

72 es 73 de Marty, KM7W
Franklin, Tennessee               http://home.earthlink.net/~mwattcpa   
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