Ron Chambers k5pn@hotmail.com
Mon, 03 Aug 1998 07:38:04 PDT

OK Kirk, now you tell me...after the contest....hi 

I was too lazy to open the 765 covers and check the TRANSCEIVE switch 
setting like you, Tree and I have discussed... before the contest that 
is !!

The NONSSB occurred quite a bit but never really 'hung me up'...

So you can bet I will get that cover off before the next contest!!

This is first NAQP I ran with TR....This is the only way to go, the 
name/qth popping up was great during some of the weaker signal work to 
cross-check what I received....!! Thanks Tree....and when working same 
guys on other bands, NO SWEAT  !!

Ron K5PN

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