[TRLog] Re: Doublespace

P & V Nesbit pnesbit@melbpc.org.au
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 08:30:26 +1000

At 19:50 4/08/1998 -0500, Dave Yanke N9SSG wrote:
>Whoa, slow down a second. If you simply want to rid your computer of
>these files, this will work, but if the drives are dblspaced, this
>will cause you all sorts of grief.
>Having never used it, I'm not sure how to remove it. If I recall 
>corectly, at least up to 95A, the only way was to re-format the HD,
>I think 95b allowed an uninstall. I don't think it was possible with
>any earlier versions of DOS tho.

There's more. If the drive is doublespaced, the best way to disable it is
to "unmount" it. Unfortunately the DOS 6 manual is of no help on this
point, and refers you to online help, so I can't give any further details
as I've since changed to Win 95.

After deleting the doublespace files from my PC a few years ago, my PC
still acted strange. I tracked this down to a new partition (I:) which had
been created in addition to C:, by the doublespace installation process,
and in fact the computer was booting from this new partition.

Using Norton Utilities, I deleted the I: partition, resized C: to reclaim
the lost cylinders, and made C: bootable again. The process was easy,
although C: had to be reformatted. I believe you can do the same thing with
Partition Magic, without having to reformat.

Soon afterwards it all became academic, because I bought a large hard disk.
Hope the above sheds some light.

Peter VK3APN

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