[TRLog] TR Log and WAE

Igor Sokolov ua9cdc@dialup.mplik.ru
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 07:19:41 +0600

>One question, though, Tree/George/Anyone...
>It happened that I sent a string of 7 QTC's to a station.  He
>acknowledged them.  I type "Y" to indicated they have been ack'ed
>and to save them.  They then disappeard from the screen.
>Unfortunately, the station then asked for a fill ....
>fortunately, it was simply the callsign of one of the QTC's and I
>happened to remember it.  But, what if I hadn't been able to
>recall it?  Is there a quick way to see the QTC's just sent
>displayed again? After I sent him the fill, wiped my brow in
>relief, I realized that the only way I know is to go to DOS and
>review the text file of QTC's.   Is there an alternate method to
>dale, kg5u

Happened to me several times as well. I was trying not to use keyer at
all and it proved to be impossible. When in QTC mode you cannot send
anything using F10.
Can you do something about that, Tree?  Also when the number of the
block of QTC (like 32/10) was not received, you cannot repeat it other
then with the  keyer.
One more question: you cannot preview the entire QTC block prior to
sending it. If you happen to start sending QTC to DL0BD for instance and
one of the lines in that QTC block is the info about QSO with DL0BD the
program stops sending all the following lines. It looks like you
promised to send 10 QTC to your contact in the beginning but then
changed you mind and sent only 3 or 4. Yet the number that you have sent
in the beginning says something like 32/10.  I know, it is probably
difficult to overcome but what about letting the operator to preview the
QTC and use the cursor to move around the QTC screen so that unwanted
line can be marked "do not send" or "repeat this line again" and the
header is formed only after previewing and marking.
Then couple of other things are already on the wish list like QTC on
networked computers (you can use only one computer for qtc. All the
others do not keep the track of what QTC were sent from the first
computer) and another one (I think #62 on the wish list) were you cannot
easily abort sending the QTS with ESC after pressing Ctrl+Q.
Anyway when all goes according to plan - great program. So easy to send
QTC that you get a real pleasure out of the process. Thank you for the
best-so-far logging program Tree.

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