Ron Chambers k5pn@hotmail.com
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 14:02:26 PDT

To Tree, Geoiii, N4RO and the rest of the 765/TR owners as additional 
evidence of problem 'fixed':

I finally changed the TRANSCEIVE setting in the 765 to OFF (yes, it was 
set to ON), and after one night of calling CQ (via AUTO CQ) into a dead 
band and other misc QSO's for a couple of hours, I never once caught 
glimpse of that NONSSB popping up. 

So, using TR 6.29 with the 765 set at 4800 baud, TRANSCEIVE set to OFF, 
ICOM COMMAND DELAY to 300ms in TR, I seem to get solid and reliable 
communications between the 765 and TR Log.

Thanks for the due diligence Tree in working thru this special case for 
us ICOM users....

73, Ron
Now, if I can just get rid of all those 1's that show up as QTH because 
I incorrectly merged the wrong character position into my TR Master 
Database!!...and yes, I have long since erased the original logs with 
the QTH's in them.....Wish list to Tree, why have the "1" (point-value) 
show up in the General QSO mode?.....

Favorite feature: I really have enjoyed being able to call so many of 
the DX stations by name when they return my CQ in everyday QSO 
mode....makes it seem a little more personal...

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