[TRLog] Re: Some RIG+TRLog v6.29 problems

Tree N6TR n6tr@teleport.com
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 08:53:13 -0700 (PDT)

> we, RK9AWN gang, use your excellent program during all the contests. We
> use two rigs: Yaesu FT-840 and Kenwood TS-570D. Now we have two major
> problems: one with v6.29 and another with TRLog to TS-570 connecting.
> The first one is: since version 6.29 I surprisingly found FT-840 not to
> be supported... It was very sad to me (to me because certainly I tune
> all the equipment and software before contests) use v6.28 (which still
> "knows" FT-840) instead of 6.29 one! You can say we might use v6.28...
> Sure, we might! But practically each your new version solves some bugs
> from the previous one... Therefore, I sincerely ask you to be so kind to
> bring FT-840 protocol back to program...

I am sorry - this was a bug introduced by me adding the FT847.  It
will be easy to fix in the next release.  You might find that saying
FT890 will work in the meantime (or FT900).

> The second problem is much complicated and connected to a serious TS-570
> bug. The problem is that (as far as I can see) TS-570 use the single
> processor to serve as serial port protocol as CW internal manipulation.
> Due to that technical (and may be firmware too) approach tranceiver
> DISTURBS (!) transmitting CW during TRLog polling! This phenomena
> disappears only if COM port baud rate is set to 57600 or 38400 bps (may
> be 19200 too, but I didn't check that rate). As I can see this case
> frame sending is too fast to make some serious disturbance. I checked it
> in Log-EQF logging program wich supports so high rates. Unfortunately,
> TRLog doesn't support baud rates higher than 4800... But this rate is
> slow enough to corrupt transmittion. Even if I disable "polling during
> PTT" feature, sometimes transmitting is corrupted at the beginning. I
> connect it to be occured due to back serial transmittion from tranceiver
> when CW sending is already started. My second asking is: would you be so
> kind to make "RADIO # BAUD RATE" feature as high programmable as at
> least 38400? Sure, I'll try to connect Kenwood too and will ask them if
> my firmware is just too old and could them send me new one (of course,
> if that new firmware exists! :). But I'm afraid your help will be only
> that could really help...

Yes - I have become more aware of this issue recently.  I am not sure
that I can make TR deal with those high of baud rates.  Since I am not
using IRQs, I am polling the serial ports.  My poll rate isn't fast
enough to use the higher baud rates.  However, I have also learned that
most of the newer computers have buffers in the serial port chips and
this would solve the problem.  I will see if I can add this speed and
you can test it for me.

One feature I did add was to disable polling during PTT.  This is 
available on the Control-J menu and might also solve the problem.

Thanks for bringing these issues to my attention.


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