[TRLog] Please HELP to start DVP LY2BM

Rimantas Baltusis baltmak@nse.lt
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 09:43:15 Romance Daylight Time

Hi, everybody

I've been using TR (5.73) for 2 years very successfully. Recently I bought
DVP by K1EA with the cable from LZ Engineering. I went through all steps
which are shown in TR and DVP manuals, but DVP isn't working. TR shows 'DVP
on' but hangs after 'Alt 1-5'

I'm using PC 486DX, DVPTSR 1.03 (which I found among TR's files: default IRQ
7, port address 308h, software int 60h) and FT1000MP.

1. Have anybody tried to use TR 5.73 with DVP ?
2.  What IRQ and address DVP uses ?
3.  Have I to use additional (or other) TSR program or buy newer TR (or CT) ? 

I'm looking forward for any reply 

Rimas, LY2BM

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