[TRLog] Cum Multiplier Trigger With New .DOM Files

N6MU1@aol.com N6MU1@aol.com
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 11:54:14 EDT

I have created a number of new .DOM files to support state QSO parties not
covered by TRLOG. Obviously they are mainly county lists. I have had no
problem having them appear as new mults in the log portion of the screen the
first time worked but invariably there will be a half dozen or so that will
not increment the cum mult status at the top of the screen. I have even seen
one decrement one instead of incrementing one even though showing as a new
mult on the log portion of the screen. Since they are in the log I'm sure POST
will count them correctly but it sure would be nice to have the correct totals
during the contest. Any suggestions? I'm using v. 6.0. TNX.

John, N6MU

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