[TRLog] .DOM Problem Update

N6MU1@aol.com N6MU1@aol.com
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 02:44:30 EDT

More info on my problem. Turns out when the cum mult status doesn't increment
even though the screen shows a new mult, when that entry scrolls off the
screen the mult disappears! PA has standard three letter abbreviations for
their 67 counties that they use for their QSO Party. As a test, I entered all
67 in order and all 67 showed as mults on the screen but only 57 showed in the
cum mult status. I did a CTRL L at the end to review the log and lo and behold
ten mults had disappeared from the mult column even though they showed on the
screen when logged. I then just used those ten mults and the entry showed a
new mult for each one but the cum showed zero. Again, when I did a CTRL L at
the end all ten mults had disappeared from the mult column. Sorry for the
previous wrong info. Tree/George, any ideas?

John, N6MU 

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