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Sat, 29 Aug 1998 12:13:27 +0200

Hello Igor,

>>I do this often.  Just give TR the serial port of your modem.
>>Use your terminal emulation program (or control-B) to dial
>>up your ISP and then telnet to the cluster (
>>works).  TR will then just think it is talking to a TNC.

IS> I have tested the above. Does not work for me. I do it in Win95. Start
IS> telnet program (CRT in my case), telnet to one of the sites where feed
IS> from dx summit is available,start to get spottings. I start TRlog in a
IS> dos box and when the program asks for the port where my tnc supposed to
IS> be I give the port where modem is connected (serial 4 in my case). I
IS> continue get spots on telnet app but nothing shows up in TRlog. What do
IS> I do wrong?

Do not use Windows Internet utilities.
Just type Ctrl+B in TR.
Then type
  ATDP 123456789
or something else to connect your ISP, input login and password, then
Then enter DXCluster. After such long procedure type Ctrl+B again.

This works OK here.

Question to Tree:
  If you do this often, maybe simple script will help? Such feature will
be great especially for hams with bad phone lines so they have to
redial ISP very often.

Another note:
  Some of ISPs do not allow telnet to run. Or directly switch on PPP
  or SLIP after succesfully entered password...
  We can use W95 built-in telnet application or use Netscape/IE. We
  can use DXMon or DXTelnet, but there is no possibility to transfer
  DX info to TR-LOG.

Best regards,
 Nick UT2UZ                  

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