[TRLog] QSO point values

David Jones kk7gw@hotmail.com
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 04:33:47 PDT

I'm trying to set QSO point values for the WA state Salmon Run (rules 
http://www.wwdxc.org).  The rules state this:


     2 for SSB, 3 for CW and 6 for Novice/Tech CW

     (There is NO Bonus for N/T on SSB) - Novice/Techs sign /N or /T.

Now, I can set the 2/SSB, 3/CW, but is there any way for TR to recognize 
the /N or /T and give that QSO 6?

The .dom files are written and work, and I have a logcfg.dat file that 
works except for that one minor scoring problem.

Thanks and 73

David Jones, KK7GW   

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