[TRLog] RAC contest

Thomas R. Williams n2cu@buffnet.net
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 07:44:46 -0400

Just wanted to mention that when working a VE0 in the RAC contest, TR
does not allow you to enter the RST Serial Number. This is the only (?)
Canadian call area that doesn't send the RST Province (or territory). To
get by, I entered in PE, then after logging the contact, went back to
the editable window and changed PE to the serial number. Minor
inconvenience once I figured out what to do, but with someone running
stations it might throw them off guard. Also, have been seeing the MULT
window not aligning the CW NEEDS and SSB NEEDS one on top of the other -
kind of runs them together. Minor aesthetic point, but as well as the
rest of the program is done, thought you'd want to know.
73, Tom N2CU

P.S. Participation in the contest is poor. Please, more activity guys!

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