[TRLog] Multi Prob?

K5NZ@aol.com K5NZ@aol.com
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 22:12:45 EDT

Hi all...
Using V. 6.28

Have never seemed to get all the goodies to work in a multi config.  I'm
setting up for IARU.

Rig control both stns  ft1000mp and ft890

Have MULTI INFO MESSAGE = $  Now this is supposed to show each rigs freq at
the bottom of the band map but I get nothing.  Also you should be able to hit
CTRL E and get this info in logging window....nothing?

Next, if using packet and band map... you hit CTRL END and pick a spot hit
enter and you go to that freq and ready...this works but after the qso how do
you get back to your run freq quick?  Isn't there a key to hit that takes you

Thanks  nz

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